Dec 27, 2007

Women and Exercise

Women know that exercise should be an integral part of their lives or do they? And if so then why are so many making excuses for why they can't commit to an exercise program. It is estimated that over 65% of women in North America are overweight or obese and this number continues to grow year after year. We know that exercising will allow us to lose weight and fit into our favorite clothes but what are some of the other benefits? Exercise when done on a regular basis has far reaching effects. Not only does exercise give you an immediate boost but it also improves sleep quality which in turn promotes even more energy giving you the boost you need to get through your busy days. The number of chronic illnesses that exercising helps prevent should be reason enough for anybody get up off the couch and get moving. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels (think heart attack or stroke), Type ll diabetes, and arthritis. For middle aged women in particular the benefits to combating osteoporosis should be of great concern. Another disease that everyone is being touched by is cancer and exercise has not only been proven to help prevent many types but has also been linked to survival rates. Not only does exercise have great significance in improving the health of our bodies but it also has effects on our minds. Studies suggest that exercise can not only reduce the symptoms of depression but it also helps with mental sharpness and even increases the number of actual brain cells in the areas that are responsible for memory and learning. This is just a brief list of the benefits of incorporating exercise into our daily lives however it definitely should be enough to motivate anyone to get up walk around the block a couple of times. For more information on a fitness program that is designed for specifically for women go to