Jan 11, 2008

Husbands and Dieting

One of things that always ticked me off in the past was my husband in relation to my “dieting”. I would decide to go on yet another “diet” and I would do so well stocking my shelves and the refrigerator with the proper foods to really give it a go. After a few days my ever supportive husband would decide to join me on my quest to conquer the fat (I didn’t lay around watching TV by myself). At first this was such a good idea because someone doing it with you is supposed to make it easier, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I checked my scale everyday to see what was happening, I just couldn’t do the once a week that is recommended and after really sticking to the “diet” I would expect such good things by the end of a week. Getting 3lbs would be something to be so proud of at least until I found out that my loving husband had lost 7lbs. I knew that the right thing to would be to accept his praise for a job well done and say “great job” in return and I did. I would congratulate him with a smile on my face and at the same time want to punch him in the face. This feeling only escalated because as it come to week three and you are just hoping to break the 10lbs mark he is passing 20lbs. I don’t know about you but that was the point were I would suggest we go get some pizza and the “diet” was done. In the end it really was a no win situation for my other half because ultimately the fact that the weight melted off of him made me angry but if he had sat there eating burgers and pasta I would feeling the exact same way. When it comes down to it I knew in my head that there had to be a logical reason for this happening but it was frustrating just the same. When I did finally decide to make a permanent change in my life I started changing my eating habits and daily routine while my husband was away at work (I decided to surprise him). This for me was the best way to do things, at first it was a game and by the time he got home the kids and I had completely changed the daily dynamics our family’s daily lives. As always my husband was supportive and now that he is working closer to home he has just fallen into our new routine. I have now learned to accept that he has more muscle than me (thank god), and will always be able to eat a little more and do a little less and not be affected to the same extent that I am. I learned to let go of my scale and rely more on my measurements because I would definitely rather have a pound of muscle stuck to my belly in place of the big layer of fat (fat takes up 4 times as much space). In order to keep the peace in the house we don’t discus weight any longer we just focus on being healthy and active. For more information on the program I follow visit: http://www.fitbusymoms.com/

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