Feb 27, 2008

9 Exercises That Boost Your Metabolism You Can Do at Home

By John Barban In your quest to lose weight there are only two things you can do. The first is to eat fewer calories, the second is to exercise. This sounds simple, but not all exercises are made the same. I would say that all exercise is definitely good, but some exercises give you more return for your time spent. Specifically exercises that can give you both an cardiovascular and resistance workout are #1 in my book. Exercise that can do both of these will help you burn calories while you workout and boost your metabolism every day by maintaining your muscle mass. Here are 20 great exercises you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will burn a tone of calories and maintain good strong muscles and boost your metabolism even when you're not working out. Bodyweight squats - Stand with feet shoulder width apart squat down like you're sitting back into a chair, drive your heels into the floor a return to the starting position. Try 10 reps to start working up to 20, and then 30. Y-Squat - Same as above, with your arms up and out to your sides to make your arms and body resemble a "Y" shape. Try 10 reps, working up to 20 and then 30 reps. Squat jumps - Starting in the same position as above, squat down as if you're sitting back into a chair and then jump up from this bottom squat position. When you land from the jump sit right back down into this squatting position and repeat. Try 8 reps to start, working up to 12, 15 then 20. Lunges - Standing with feet shoulder width apart talk a long step forward with your right foot lunge down touching your left knee to the ground. Drive your right heel into the ground and push yourself back to the starting position and switch legs. Try 10 reps per leg to start, working up to 15 then 20. Reverse Lunges - Standing with feet shoulder width apart talk a long step backwards with your right foot, touch your right toes to the ground lunging backward touching your right knee to the ground. Drive your left heel into the ground and step back forward with your right foot, then switch legs. Try 8 reps to start working up to 15 then 20. Push-Ups - Lying flat on the ground face down. On your toes and hands push yourself off the ground. If toes and hands is too difficult, start with knees and hands. Try 8 reps to start, working up to 12, 15 then 20. (once you can do more than 20 on your knees and hands, start trying to do some on your feet and hands) Push-Up/Stick-Up - Do a push up the same as above, now in between each push up stand up and raise your arms above your head (like your being held up at gun point...this is why they call it a 'stick up') and then get right back down and do your next push up. Continue doing each repetition like this. Try 8 to start, working up to 12 and then 15. Step-Ups - Go to a set of stairs and step up to the second stair with your right foot. Step back down and then switch feet. Continue alternating feet until you've stepped up 20 times with each foot. Bridge - Get into a traditional push up position on your hands and feet keeping your body rigid and hold for 30 seconds. As you get better at these work up to 45 and then 60 seconds. Start by working through one set of all of these exercises. As you get better at them you can progress to adding another set of each, or choose which exercises you like to add more sets. Take 30-60 seconds rest between each exercise. This is an example of my new style of advance circuit training programs. John Barban is a Strength Coach and has his masters degree in nutrition. His trademarked 6 Minute Circuits Workout program is a new advanced style of whole body circuit training that is developed from his time spent as a varsity strength and conditioning coach. Eat Stop Eat is the new nutrition program John uses with all of his clients and athletes for weight loss and accelerated conditioning. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Barban http://EzineArticles.com/?9-Exercises-That-Boost-Your-Metabolism-You-Can-Do-at-Home&id=784598

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