Feb 9, 2008

Why Weight Train?

Women shouldn't be scared to "pump some iron". There has always been a myth that if women weight lift or do resistance training they will end up looking like the incredible hunk. This of course is not true unless we inject ourselves with testosterone. Committing to weight/resistance training does not mean that you have to go out and join a gym with a bunch of beefy looking men; it can be done in your own home. Reasons for lifting some weight The fact is that when we decide to diet (eat less) our metabolism does the unthinkable and immediately slows down. We combat this problem by doing exercise. When we engage in cardio exercises we do in deed burn calories however as a defensive mechanism our bodies adjust by burning less calories during the rest of the day (our bodies don't like to lose weight). The outcome from doing cardio alone or large amounts of cardio is that our metabolism goes into the toilet. This happens in two ways: 1. Cardio eats up muscle mass along with the fat; muscle mass burns calories (one pound burns 35-75cal/day) and fat does not burn anything. 2. As your lungs and heart become stronger and more efficient from your work outs you burn less calories both during your work out and after your work out. The bottom line is you must build lean muscle mass in order to compensate for the decline in metabolism caused by the bodies defenses against losing weight. It is important to remember that muscles burn calories 24/7 so it is a definite necessity for healthy weight loss to occur. Putting effort into building and then maintaining your muscle mass will also assist in overcoming the "plateau" stage that so many individuals fall into from doing cardio alone. Women should not be afraid to "pump some iron" so to speak, just remember that fat takes up 4 times as much space than muscle so what would you rather having hanging from your belly. By Christine Erickson http://www.fitbusymoms.com/

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